What Ga. lawmakers say

Buddy Carter

District 1, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"I stand with [Donald Trump] and believe these impeachment inquiries are a complete waste of time." - Tweet, Sept. 24.

Sanford Bishop

District 2, Democrat

Supports inquiry: Yes

"The allegations that the President withheld Congressionally appropriated taxpayer dollars for national security as leverage against a foreign power to pursue unfounded allegations against a political opponent at home are extremely alarming." - Statement on webpage, Sept. 24.

Drew Ferguson

District 3, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"After reading the transcript of the call, reasonable people realize the claims of this Democrat Majority are a baseless attempt to mislead the American people yet again. Rather than focusing on the many issues facing our Nation, Democrats have waisted countless hours holding meaningless hearings and accomplished absolutely nothing." - Email statement to AJC, Sept. 25.

Hank Johnson

District 4, Democrat

Supports inquiry: Yes

"Attempting to coerce a foreign government into digging up dirt on a political opponent, then trying to cover it up by unlawfully refusing to turn over the whistleblower complaint to Congress, crosses a red line." Statement to AJC, Sept. 24.

John Lewis

District 5, Democrat

Supports inquiry: Yes

"The people have a right to inquire. They have a right to know. The people have a right to know whether they can put their faith and trust in the outcome of our elections. They have a right to know whether the cornerstone of our democracy was undermined by people sitting in the White House today. They have a right to know whether a foreign power was asked to intervene in the 2020 election." - Speech on House floor, Sept. 24.

Lucy McBath

District 6, Democrat

Supports inquiry: Unclear

"As I have continued to say from the beginning - the Judiciary Committee's investigation has always been to find the facts for the American people. I voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry process on September 12th and continue to support the responsibility of this Congress to uncover the truth and defend the Constitution." Statement to AJC, Sept. 25.

Rob Woodall

District 7, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"The Administration should absolutely follow the whistleblower process, I call on it to do exactly that, and I know that it will. But when the House Democrat majority moves to start impeachment proceedings based on that complaint before it even holds a hearing to gather the facts, we have the answer to whether this is a serious constitutional effort or a partisan political exercise." Email statement, Sept. 24.

Austin Scott

District 8, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi has succumbed to the belligerent left and their media allies to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against the President. Democrats continue to waste time and taxpayer dollars on endless investigations while refusing to address the many challenges our nation faces." Email statement, Sept. 24.

Doug Collins

District 9, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"This is the first partisan 'impeachment' in the history of the republic, and the real victims are the American people. They elected Donald Trump to be our president and their representatives to solve the border crisis and support a growing economy. Instead of accepting those facts, Democrats are sowing chaos, not producing legislative solutions." Email statement, Sept. 24

Jody Hice

District 10, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"In their obsession to nullify the will of the people and overturn the results of the 2016 election, Democrats have become experts at hurling accusations before all the facts come out." Email statement, Sept. 24.

Barry Loudermilk

District 11, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"I have thoroughly read the transcript, and I could not find anything that gives evidence to the Democrats accusations of quid pro quo or that President Trump 'pressured' the Ukrainian President to investigate anyone in return for military aide. What I did see is the President of the United States asking the President of Ukraine to work together to root out corruption in both countries, including potential interference in our elections." Email statement, Sept. 25.

Rick Allen

District 12, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"It's unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi has caved to the far left-wing faction of their conference, despite President Trump offering full transparency. I urge my Democratic colleagues to stop grasping for straws, end this partisan impeachment process, and instead start focusing on delivering results for the American people." Tweets, Sept. 25.

David Scott

District 13, Democrat

Supports inquiry: Yes

"it is time for us to open an impeachment inquiry so that we can make an intelligent and forthright decision on impeachment. There are national security implications to the President's actions here. But moreover, Congress must exercise its duties as a co-equal branch of government to preserve the checks and balances laid out in the Constitution." Statement on website, Sept. 24.

Tom Graves

District 14, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"Based on a report they have never seen, about a conversation they never heard, from a person they have never met, the Speaker and her following have decided to drag our country into a mess. The consequences will be severe. Our legislative process will grind to a halt and economic progress will be put at risk. Instead of tackling issues like immigration, infrastructure and trade, our country will be stuck in the grip of leftist hysteria once again. The reckless pursuit of impeachment simply hurts our country and nobody wins." Email statement, Sept. 24.

Johnny Isakson

U.S. Senator, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"That's their decision. I don't support what they're doing, but that's their decision to make... I don't know enough to where I would consider what they're doing valid or valuable, but that's their decision to make, I'll make my decision if it ever comes up. I'm going to be the court. They're the prosecutor. The Senate's the court so I know how to play that game." Comments to AJC reporter, Sept. 24.

David Perdue

U.S. Senator, Republican

Supports inquiry: No

"They've weaponized politics here. They have obstructed this president since day one. They just can't get over that he won the election, and so I just see this as premature. First of all, up till now we have no evidence of how that would warrant that. Secondly, even this accusation or upheaval about the Ukrainian issue we don't have all the information yet, so it just seems to me it's premature. But I'll also look to see what they're saying today. I just think it's time to move on and start legislating instead of all this investigating." Comments to AJC reporter, Sept. 24.